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Blues Society honors

Lisa Haley & the Zydekats named "Zydeco Band of the Year" by the Bay Area Blues Society

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"King Cake" CD REVIEWS!

We have received many great reviews of our new CD "King Cake!"  
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UK Review - Paul Davis

Recorded in California, it is clear that this modern Pop-Cajun Las
has an astute grasp of what her old-time country music roots are all about
This is a most appealing offering. Her songs of love, life and spiritual-liberty ar
bouncy, poetic, engaging and well-chosen. Now a Grammy -nominee
she is a powerfully engaging new talent to me
parading a handsome set of folkie ballads and light toe-tapping Cajun reels
Most tracks would be comfortable in a live folk-club setting and make good MOR radio-play
Lisa has paid her dues and deserves to be an influential name in her genre
She features dynamic vocals serviced by innovative studio skills and virtuosity
She enjoys a reputation that's highly deserved
Her vocal and instrumental superiority and integrity stand out dazzlingly

KVMR Listeners Guide Review - Dale LeBlanc Johnson - USA
(also made the DJ's five top favorites for the year,
along with the CDs of three other Grammy nominees.)

Lisa Haley is one of a kind, a Southern Californian whose music has traveled the world,
with her authentic Louisiana Cajun blood. This is her 6th album and as always,
features her Blue Fiddle and her husky voice.
This release is inspired by the NOLA Mardi Gras traditions.
Lisa has always had top-notch musicians to back her and this one is right on track.

The title cut is the way to get the party started, but the story itself is about hurricanes and people problems. My favorite cut of all is the medley "Mardi Gras Party/Little Dreamer" which shifts from a good-groove zydeco fast two-step to a slow "Baisse bas" waltz. Boozoo Chavis' "Paper in My Shoe" is given a high-energy spin. "Zydecosis" is Lisa's funky zydeco trademark. "Mardi Gras" features her husky voice. The most beautiful tune is one Lisa penned ten years ago, when she found out she had a half brother – "Louisiana."

Zydeco Road Review - K-Paule Pachter - USA

The "Queen of West Coast Zydeco" has much to celebrate these days. For starters, Lisa Haley's latest release entitled, "King Cake" has been nominated as part of the induction class for a 2007 Grammy Award. After fifty years and a serious grassroots effort on the part of numerous Cajun and Zydeco artists, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has established a brand new Grammy Award category recognizing the unique contributions of Cajun and Zydeco artists, and Lisa Haley is certainly within striking distance of the gramophone statue with this exceptional recording.

"King Cake" is Lisa Haley's sixth CD and perhaps her most ambitious to date in terms of material and the A-list of musicians providing support. She has taken some brand new material such as the title track, which pumps new life into the Zydeco genre along with "Mardi Gras Party/Little Dreamer," which defines the joyous spirit that is Zydeco. She's reintroduced previous recorded material such as "Louisiana," "Rubboard Stomach," and "Don't You Tell Your Mother" just to let the new listener know that her previous body of work is emotional, hard-driving and as authentically Louisiana as that of her biggest fan, Clifton Chenier. And if that?s not enough, she offers up a killer cover of the Boozoo Chavis classic "Paper in My Shoe."

Haley's voice is still as gritty and soulful as they come, and her mastery of the bow burning up her blue fiddle is still unmatched by many artists. Haley has recorded both a musical commentary on the rebirth of New Orleans in a post Katrina environment and an album of hope based upon her selection of material.

Backing Haley up on "King Cake" are some outstanding musicians that know how to play Zydeco and Swamp-Pop music. They include: Jim E. Christie (drums); George Hawkins, Jr. (bass); Skip Edwards (Hammond Organ, keyboards); Chuck Alvarez (guitars), and of course Lisa Haley (violin, viola, mandolin, rubboard, jaw harp and vocals). Throw in the likes of KebMo' on harmonica and Leland Sklar on bass and you understand why "King Cake" is Grammy Award material.

Haley writes, "If we succeed in making music to make your heart sing, heal your hurts, and sow the seeds of Joy into your soul, we have done out duty." Haley and "King Cake" succeed big time and earn my highest 5-pepper rating. You can purchase this CD online directly from Lisa Haley's website at:


Hanks Americana Review - Wim Boluijt - Netherlands

Lisa Haley - King Cake

One side is a river

The other is a lake

Meet me in the middle

And we'll eat King Cake

Touching directly on King Cake, concerning New Orleans after Katrina. Hope. Rebuilding.

The Mardi Gras cake (King cake) is one in which a plastic baby Jesus has been baked. He that finds the baby in his piece of cake plays host or hostess for the next party. "What's it gonna take to make our city live again?" A sublime song that sets the tone for the other twelve.

"Zydecosis" is a one-of-a-kind malady.. This disorder, once acquired, allows you to do nothing else but dance.

Hanx does not stand confessed as a Zydecospecialist or Cajunexpert. But we'll eat our cap if this is not one of the best Zydecoalbums of the past year.

It was not surprising to hear that, as it happens, stellar listeners of the highest caliber believe it also.

Lisa Haley's "King Cake", her sixth album, is Nominated for a GRAMMY in the Folk Category "Best Zydeco or Cajun Music Album".

From her previous albums, we see that there are several reprised pieces on "King Cake" (Your folks Threw me Out, Louisiana, Always Be Your Guide, Goodbye Sun and Mardi Gras for example.) This album swings nicely, and is full of so many pictoral lyrics (a diamond from your ring is lost, but you find a bigger diamond in your shoe.) "God has a sense or humour," says Lisa, but don't fault her for that.

The extra is Lisa Haley's singing, an enthusiastic combination of Maria Muldaur and Patti Smith!

Along with her Zydekats and friends KebMo ', Lee Sklar, Jerry Donahue, Kalé Holmes and the Swamptone Horns, Lisa Haley has made a really irrisistible album.

Also, our curiosity is aroused: will she win the GRAMMY? Hopefully, for to be honest: we in fact never carry a cap...

Cri de Coyote Review - Bernard Boyat - France

Resurging California violinist and redhead Zydécajun, always flanked by her Zydekats, for a 6th CD in on the right side of the line of precedent, fortified Zydéco mixed with Cajun grace thanks to the beautiful violin.

One finds titles already tested in public on the preceding opus "All The Way Live!," like the Zydekats "Big Diamond Smile" and "Zydecosis," "Rubboard Stomach" - more frankly Zydéco, the ballad Louisiana, good country Cajun "Always Be Your Guide" with more soul, and the reprise of "Your Folks Threw Me Out" (Ton papa, ta maman m?ont jeté dehors).

Dimension and innovation all register with "King Cake." Zydéco R&B New Orleans, "Have A Little Faith," is kind of Zydeco soul, the Zydekats "Mardi Gras Party/Little Dreamer" and "Don't You Tell Your Mother," the reprises of "Paper In My Shoe" and "Mardi Gras," "Goodbye Sun" - the genre of Lisa's violin inspires wonder. Excellent CD, we have patience regarding what new visions she will send our way in 2008.

Mass Musikas Review - Ben Vanhoegaerden - Netherlands

The lady with the blue fiddle strikes again!. From the first number, you hear the trusted violinsound and the perfect mix of Cajun, Zydeco, Rock and headstock. Expanding on The Zydekats: Skip Edwards on accordion and keyboards, guitarist Chuck Alvarez, bass player Andy Anders and drummer Maria Martinez, on King cake she adds KebMo ', Leland Sklar, Jerry Donahue, and still more: Eric Rigler, Jim E. Christie and George Hawkins.

With this album she qualifies for a Grammy Nomination in the category "Best Zydeco or Cajun Music Album." In this genre she is without doubt one of the best.

"King Cake" serves its spiced-up Cajun/Zydeco in a modern table setting. It contains extremely danceable music, inspiring linedancers to new heights according to reports, as well as many Country fans. Help!

Afficianados of the better Cajun and Zydeco work should give this work fat kudos. There are excellent versions of traditional beats such as "King Cake" and "Mardi Gras," the ultimate Zydeco swing of "Mardi Gras Party/Little Dreamer," the Boozoo Chavis classic "Paper in My Shoe," the Cajun traditional "Your folks Threw me Out" and Lisa's own original songs "Zydecosis," "Rubboard Stomach" and "Don't Tell Your Mother." One bel onion phthises of this cd are already sufficient ` Zydecosis is incurable, and fortunately still no vaccine or remedie against it have been found.

Hora de Blues Review - Vicente "Harmonica" Zumel - Spain

Que voy a decir de esta encantadora mujer que toca el violin, la mandolina, la viola, el rubboard y canta como los ángeles y que vosotros no sepais ya?. "King Cake" es un disco festivo, bailable y divertido como suelen serlo todos sus trabajos. Una vez más Lisa nos acerca con su música al sur profundo de la Louisiana en un viaje en el que captura la esencia y el espíritu criollo, impregnándolo de sus blues, sus valses, su cajun y su zydeco tan emotivos y brillantes a los que ya nos tiene acostumbrados a todos cuantos conocemos su trayectoria. En este álbum Lisa Haley cuenta con la inestimable participación de KebMo' a la armónica, más un puñado de grandes músicos que entre todos ayudan a engrandecer un interesante proyecto como es este "King Cake", el mejor y más completo trabajo hasta el momento de esta excelente artista. MUY BUENO.

What can I say about this charming woman who plays violin, mandoline, viola, rubboard and sings like an angel you do not already know? Like most of her previous records "King Cake" is a dancing joyful funny record. Once again Lisa gets us closer with her music to Louisiana deep south on a journey that captures the essence of creole spirit, filling it with her blues, her waltz, her cajun and zydeco music, always bright and moving, we are used to hear along all her musical career. On this cd Lisa Haley has the priceless KebMo' collaboration on harp, together with a bunch of great musicians who contribute to grow the quality of an interesting project called "King Cake," the best and more complete piece of work of this excellent artist till now. GREAT.


Shortcuts Magazine - Assays and Citations - Davide Albini - Italy

Progeny of Joe Simien. That is the crux of the Cajun and Zydeco sound of New Orleans. Lisa Haley is a personage on fire, comfortably familiar with the sonorous regional music of Lousiana. Her legacy of eight discs starting in the ?90s, with various illustrious collaborations (John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, Keb Mo' to name just a few,) including many resonant tracks have lead to a GRAMMY Nomination.

King Cake is the latest arrival, complemented by the presence of Skip Edwards (Dwight Yoakam band) on Hammond organ, pianoforte and accordion, Chuck Alvarez on guitars and the best! Jim E. Christie on drums, it joins the roots of the red violinista (also viola, mandolin and jaw harp) with a more Modal American sound. The melding to me is totally successful; a lot on this disc is candidly serious music, above the nebulous productions I?ve listened to recently from the deep South.

The disk's optimal voice moreover surpasses all with its frizzante and unmistakable blue violin. The title track is specialy dedicated to the wound endured from New Orleans, encouraging all to continue with their lives. Big Diamond Smile and Mardi Gras Party/ Little Dreamer are marked with horns from Graham Dorsey. The festive (Paper in my Shoe, ala Fats Domino, Your Folks Threw Me Out, Don' t You Tell Your Mother), dancable but non-banal atmosphere (with the sweetest dedication to Lisa?s half brother in Lousiana), permeates these fourteen songs - all originals from Haley except the classic Paper in my Shoe from Boozoo Chavis, another giant accordionmonster of Zydeco - infuse good humor and at the same time knits the quality of the whole.


NessMP3 Review - John Davy - Scotland

Lisa Haley: King Cake

Hey! Lisa wants you to dance, so get up and dance! And if you're not partying in The Big Easy, then party to 'King Cake' while you're doing the household chores, 'cos it's great for that, too. Go on! Sing along with Lisa as she gets to the chorus, that'll clear the cobwebs out! Lisa Haley's a zydeco evangelist but she plays music that borrows from other areas ('blending our Swamp/Zydeco with the timeless sounds of Americana', as she puts it).

Consequently, if you've never found a way into Zydeco music, then Lisa's the woman to guide you along. A dozen or so songs, dating from the last dozen years, cover a fairly wide field, and the sleeve gives you notes (or 'song stories') about each one, which is better than just having the lyrics for helping you understand where the music's coming from. Welcoming Americana on board offers license for a wide range of stylings, so it's no particular surprise to hear uillean pipes ( and a suspiciously Oirish vocal from Lisa) on 'Always Be Your Guide', one of the slower numbers in the mix to let you catch your breath between wild dance songs.

From the opener 'King Cake', a barn-storming, foot-stomping crowd loosener, through 'Zydecosis' ('all you can do is dance - till the symptons pass') to 'Don't You Tell Your Mother', a jolly and softer-edged dance to close with, the emphasis is on having a good time and with an energetic, sharp band behind her and a fair old army of guest singers and musicians, 'King Cake' pretty much sounds like a party in progress. Lisa's strong vocals take the lead in whipping up a storm, her fiddle playing complements the pumping accordion sound that I'd always taken to be the essence of cajun/zydeco and the rhythm of the faster, dance numbers is irresistible. This album was one of the Grammy nominees for 2008; understandable given it's joyful inclusiveness trhat welcomes all along to the Zydeco party.


Americana UK Review - Matt Hutchinson - UK

Zydeco/Swamp/Americana gumbo

King Cake is Lisa Haley's 6th album and won a nomination for Best Zydeco or Cajun Album at the Grammy's this year. You're probably supposed to say 'garnered' about award nominations but I just can't bring myself to.

The 13 tracks on the album mix up a potent gumbo of fiddle-led Zydeco and Swamp sounds with some gentler ballads and straighter rock sounds. Haley's voice is at the forefront whatever the style and its strength helps drive through the album and give it a real stylistic identity no matter what's going on.

Of the uptempo numbers Big Diamond Smile and Paper in My Shoe stand out immediately. Louisiana and Always Be Your Guide add a little heartfelt soul to the mix, the latter featuing Jerry Donahue on guitar and Eric Rigler on Uilleann pipes.

Overall this is definitely a party album intent on getting your toes tapping. King Cake didn't win the Grammy but definitely garnered (bugger) a new fan for Haley's infectious brand of swamp stomp.

Maiden City FM - Desi Fisher - Ireland

Desi is an influential figure in the north of Ireland

"Lisa Haley "King Cake". Wow! This is a superb album with music that lifts the soul! I really really enjoyed this on first, second and third listen! Outstanding tracks "paper in my shoe" & "The Folks threw me out",and all other tracks were great. This album really made me smile and will be featuring on my show over the next lot of weeks. "



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